Doug and Nancy have four children, Josh, Sarah, Jesse and Seth. They live in Centreville where they grew up and went to school. In September of 2011, Josh was married to Kalene. “We have been blessed with a beautiful daughter-in-law.”

Doug & Nancy have been involved in ministry since 1988 when they lead a small group bible study with young couples for 8 years. This group was full of hungry people who wanted more of the Holy Spirit. Several received the baptism of the Holy Spirit during those years.

Doug was one of the youngest elders installed while serving at Locust Grove Mennonite Church. Amazingly both Doug and Mike Monson served as elders together while serving at Locust Grove and do so now here. Doug and Nancy helped Jay and Andrea Ulrich start Firm Foundation Ministries (FFM) in 1996. In 1998 they were called to the youth ministry for 5 years and have been giving general over-sight to youth leaders since. Doug was installed as an elder in 1999 at FFM. Nancy ran the nursery at Locust Grove and at FFM for several years. Her heart is for women and children. She has helped lead the women's ministry and has co-taught Sunday school for the high school along with Doug. Doug is also a mechanical engineer since 1986. Nancy has been a stay at home mother until 2006 when she started getting back into the work place helping children at Centreville Public Schools.

Both Doug and Nancy were high competitors in sports at Centreville and were privileged to have served on several championship teams. They have both coached in the past to help others excel. It is their desire now to use that same level of intensity, attitude of excellence and team work with other leaders to create a place where God can be glorified and exalted as the victor. Doug's heart desire is to be a part of the greatest revival that has ever been on this Earth. He has received many confirming words from the Lord that this will come to pass. Firm Foundation Ministries has been a dream that they've had to give back to the community that has blessed them over the years.



Doug & Nancy Schwartz, Elder
Email: doug_nancy@juno.com